The Research and Development crew provide an end-to-end process from intense research support on customer’s product idea or prototype and manage the complete manufacturing and commercialization of it.

Get your Product Refined and Fabricated

Providing service from any connecting dots out of the 7 services drawn below.

Services Offered

Product Research support

Intensive research on a viable product with proper market fit. It involves the screening of multiple ideas and to leverage the best out of it based of the client’s requirement.

Product Manufacturing

Involves a series of manufacturing steps based on the product functionality and characteristics

– PCB Manufacturing

– Rapid Prototyping

– Vaccum Casting

Product Design

Involves the building of the product idea from the scratch to do design for manufacturing

– 2D Drafting

– 3D Designing and Modeling

– Product Visualization

Technology Development

The core algorithm using technologies like AI/ML and DS

– Firmware Update

– Malware Protection

– Mobile Application 

IP Support

Based on the product’s uniqueness, origin, functionality and advantages IP can provided under the following categories

– Patents

– Copyrights

– Trademarks