The interrogating space debris

Every one of us is really fascinated about the space and its exploration, whether from being a school going kid to sending your grand kids to school.

It was always an awestruck moment for us to know the new discoveries in space. Read More

List of top 10 highly paid jobs in India

1)      Medical Professionals (Click Here to become one)

2)     Data Scientist

3)     Additive Manufacturing professional (Click Here to become one)

4)    Marketing Manager (Click Here to become one)

5)     Machine Learning experts (Click Here to become one)

6)    Blockchain Developer (Click Here to become one)

7)     Full stack Developer (Click Here to become one)

8)    Product Management (Click Here to become one)

9)    Management Consultant (Click Here to become one)

10)  Cloud Computing professionals (Click Here to become one)


1.       Medical Professionals:

Job description:

Health practitioners mostly operate in hospitals, community centers and other service delivery sites, but often in academic teaching, science, and administration. For patients in private homes, others offer medication and recovery facilities. They are highly educated employees in careers that typically require comprehensive knowledge, including university-level training, leading to a first- or higher degree award. They have extensive knowledge on subjects and also on psychology of people. 

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–Niveditha R

AM promoting sustainable development goals in the Aquatic ecosystem.

3D printing involves manufacturing design optimized and lightweight parts, also resulting in minimal material waste due to its additive manufacturing technology has marked its place under sustainable development technologies. On the other hand, collecting the waste materials from various sectors where the environmental issues actually arise, then converting them into Read More

--Niveditha R


AM in aerospace has made hardware designing procedures to become much easier than before. The space scientists are trying to build a manufacturing platform with 3D printing, Robotics and embedded AI. Read More

--Niveditha R


Extended Reality (XR), one of the Industry 4.0 revolutionizing technologies is ground breaking now. The technology has crossed its way from being a fiction to a science-based reality to rule the industrial pace. In business, it helps in easy visualization, conceptualization and analysis of products to have better market reach with minimum cost for labour. It is more of a replication of real-life situations and scenarios. The need of the hour is a digitization of every asset, which reduces the consumption of time, cost and travel. This technology also defines the psychological mindset of the people, mostly preferring comfort and luxury. The XR market is expected to grow about eight times the current market size.  Read More

--Niveditha R 

Microfluidics in surgery and healthcare

Microfluidic artificial lungs helps to enhance the treatment and quality of life for patients with acute or chronic lung injury. The device is mounted on the chest or back and vascular access is achieved via the subclavian artery and vein to allow ambulation. Read More


--Sidharth Mohan

Magnetic Nanoparticles in RnD

Magnetic nano particles integrates nanotechnology and molecular biology for providing promising results in cancer diagnosis and treatment by overcoming the shortcomings of traditional techniques. Read More


--Sidharth Mohan

Virtual Reality in healthcare education

Usually medical students use cadavers for the study of human anatomy. But it would not be the same way as if a live human body would react. With the help of VR even the minute details of any part of the human body can be analyzed. Read More


--Sidharth Mohan

How fascinating skin bioprinting is?

3D bioprinting of skin is a promising advancement towards creating skin grafts that are functionally and structurally very similar to healthy skin thereby opening path to new medical treatments and on-site use cases. Read More


--Sidharth Mohan