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6 skills for Biomedical Engineer to have for a tech driven future.

– By Omkar Patel

11 Aug 2021

“Future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways” – John Greene. In the information and tech driven age, the world is leaning towards more qualitative learning and acquiring more skills. The skills section in your resume has Read More

Subsidizing the future: 3D printing technology in precision medicine and healthcare.

– By Shiney

29 July 2021

Do you believe a nose mask would help in treating acne? Yeah! That’s possible with 3D printing technology, an additive manufacturing technique. Read More

Revamping the Reality: Virtual Reality as a distraction intervention technique in oncology therapy


– By Shiney

02 Aug 2021

“My skin used to itch, and I would experience tingling sensations all over my body, especially when they just had injected the chemotherapy. This could make me crazy, and I felt like shouting for help to get attention and empathy”, explains a male of his scary chemotherapy experience. Read More

Biocompatible Materials: Materials that work in symphony with your body.

– By Omkar Patel

02 Aug 2021

Joint and Implant research has become so advanced in the last few decades that a person with an implant or a bone replacement would do day-to-day tasks similar to a normal person. But have you ever wondered what materials are these implants made of that it has the ability to replace a human bone? Read More

Design and Manufacturing of Medical Devices

– By Ayushmaan Dutta

02 Aug 2021

Medical device technology blends together the fields of engineering and medicine together to produce technical solutions to medical conditions.

Today, there are over 100,000 various medical devices on the market, and the industry is Read More

3D Printing – A Healthcare Revolution

– By Bhargavee Guhan

29 Jul 2021

3D printing is perhaps one of the fastest growing trends in recent times, owing to its versatility, rapid prototyping, limited material wastage and cost-effectiveness. The healthcare sector, Read More


Impact of 3D Printing Technology on Medical Imaging Phantoms

– By Rishika I S

31 Jul 2021

It is a well-known fact that 3D printing technology has revolutionized the field of medicine. This article focuses on the impact it has in the field of Medical Imaging. There are various Medical Imaging devices such as MRI, CT, Read More

Biofluid Dynamics

– By Pradeep Kumar

02 Aug 2021

Biofluid dynamics is the branch of biomedical engineering in which fundamentals of fluid  dynamics concepts are used to explain the mechanism of biological flows and its Read More