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Standardizing Healthcare Training

Providing Virtual Training Simulators to train personnel by reducing the cost, time and human resource incurred by them.

Every year, 80,000 people die as a result of the poor quality of the healthcare system. Medical equipment is essential in providing quality healthcare.

However, due to a lack of skills and commodities, more than half of all medical equipment goes unused.

This is a situation that exists across all sectors of the manufacturing industry. A quarter of a year is spent training someone on a particular piece of equipment or machine. Training new employees in a corporate setting necessitates a significant investment of time, money, and sweat. We assist manufacturing companies in increasing the productivity and growth of their organisations.

What we do?

A complete visualisation of your product for branding and demonstration. Based on the customer’s needs and interest in the product, the service can be modified and visualised to give an immersive experience using Virtual Reality. Along with visualization, haptic sensory modalities can also be used to deliver a sense of touch to the customer’s product to improve realism.

Optimised design service provided for quality manufacturing. The product parts are designed and modified in such a way to increase the ease of the manufacturing process. The service also includes the research of fabrication methods and materials to improve the production of products on a mass scale or on a batch scale based on the customer’s requirements.

An immersive equipment training simulation platform using Extended Reality. Virtually simulated training involves the creation of a complete virtual world, where all the required tools and assets will be created and customised to aid the trainees in interacting with them and improve their capabilities.

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