Additive Manufacturing



A network of micro operational additive manufacturing units deployed through engineering education institutions offering industrial services and solutions. AM Hubs establish additive manufacturing laboratories at engineering institutions to provide an industrial experience to the students. AM Hubs provide rapid prototyping services to industries.

We design highly customized advanced manufacturing laboratories at institutions with equipment from renowned manufacturers at an affordable costing. Establishing a modern research facility needs experience and technical skill with which we design laboratories for your needs. We are suppliers of various brands of 3D Printers of various technologies. 


Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
Stereolithography (SLA)
Digital Light Processing (DLP)
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Poly-jet printing (PJP)


Polymers (PLA, TPU, ABS, PTE, PVA)
Resins (UV Curable)
METAL (Ti, Composites)
Dental Resins (Form)
Bio-ink (Under Dev.)


Add-on Laser Engraver
Add-on-CNC Module
Auto-levelling module
3D Pens, 3D Cutter
3D Scanning Module

Are you looking for an advanced additive manufacturing laboratory establishment at your institution??

 Additive manufacturing or commonly known as 3D printing is one of the most advanced additive manufacturing technology available today. 

Set-up an advanced additive manufacturing unit at your premise with highly sophisticated equipment. We provide laboratory establishments on a turn-key basis. The advanced manufacturing center will have the following equipment installed which can be modified according to the needs.

  • 3D Printers
  • Laser Engraver
  • CNC Machine
  • 3D Scanner
  • Post Processing Units
  • and any more..

The 3D printing laboratory is a modern research & production facility for product development and manufacturing methodology, and a place where one can easily turn ideas into reality.

Benefits to the institution

*Advanced 3D Printing research facility and establishment at your premises

*Continuous training of students

*Consultancy works by outsourced industrial 3D printing

*Workshops and Seminars

*Placement and Internships

*Free online hub access and SEO

*Opportunity to become a part of India’s fastest growing 3D printing services network.

*Franchise opportunity

We at Machenn offer a wide variety of customized 3D printed objects as per customer requirements. We offer indigenous solution to those in need of rapid prototypes. We work closely in association with various industries from distinct domains such as healthcare, automotive and architecture.

We are a 3d printing service hub with more than ten additive manufacturing centers spread throughout southern India.

Additive manufacturing centers at Top cities

Bangalore, Mangalore, Tiptur, Gulbarga, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trissur

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  3. Get it designed and printed at nearest center.
  4. Get it delivered at your address.


WHAT IS Additive manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is a transformative approach to industrial production that enables the creation of lighter, stronger parts and systems.

What is a training?

Training is a practice in which students are allowed to gain industrial knowledge before they are being exposed to the competitive market. It is an opportunity to know the industry before you are in to the market.

What we offer?

We offer students an additional knowledge in their future profession. There is a very high demand for engineers with good technical skills. There is a need for engineers to become skilled in hardware and software. Here at Machenn Innovations we offer training on manufacturing technologies and rapid prototyping technologies. Hardware and technical proficiency is expected by every industry. We with skill and expertise improve the hardware and software proficiency of the student.


  • Aerospace and Rocketry
  • Automotive and Aerodynamics
  • Research and Development
  • Fashion Technology
  • Biomedical and Healthcare
  • Tissue culture and genetics
  • Material Testing


Engineering professionals and pursuants with the will power to learn a new technology are most welcome to join the workshop.


What is the course plan?

The main objective of the course is training students on Classic and Latest designing and modelling technologies. 






Additional Benefits:

Lunch and Refreshments: The fee includes lunch and refreshments.

Placement: Guaranteed internship and placements based on performance.

We invite aspiring engineering students of various departments all over India to take part in our 3D Printing Contest and get a chance to win prizes worth Rupees Fifteen Thousand and many more benefits.

Contest Agenda:

Registration: Individuals/Institutions register at the registration link. For bulk registrations mail us at

Abstracts: Find a solution to a real world problem focused on engineering sector which can be solved using additive manufacturing technology and mail us a brief abstract on the same. The email can be copied to with subject as Unearth 2020- “Title”.

3D Modelling: The 3D model of your models will be shared with us before printing and 3D printing centers will be allotted if you have no access to 3D Printers.

3D Printing: All contest entrants will receive access to 3d Hubs and nearest center will be allotted to individual contest entrants. The 3D Printed parts along with a detailed review on your idea will be presented at Ramco Institute of Technology. 

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Institutional Queries:

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