Workshops and Seminars

What is the objective?

The workshop and industrial training is a practice in which students are allowed to gain industrial knowledge before they are being exposed to the competitive market. It is an opportunity to know the industry before you are in to the market.

What we offer?

In-plant Training, workshops and seminars offers students an additional knowledge in their future profession. There is a very high demand for engineers with good technical skills. There is a need for engineers to become skilled in hardware and software. Here at Machenn Innovations we offer training on manufacturing technologies, rapid prototyping technologies, fluid dynamics and many more. Hardware and technical proficiency is expected by every industry. We with skill and expertise improve the hardware and software proficiency of the student.

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Guest Lectures
  • Add-on-Courses
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
  • Biomechanical Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Engineering Colleges
  • Medical Colleges
  • Polytechnic Colleges
  • Schools

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