AR/VR Systems

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We at Machenn Innovations concentrate on advanced technologies to improve the education and workforce standards. One such advanced technology is setting up of XR Tech Labs for educational institutions. It comes along with yearly subscription plans with unlimited license for institutions at an affordable pricing. The AR/VR labs are precisely designed with technologies that include various software and design platforms, multiple headset configurations, workstations, and filming resources to help students experiment and create innovations in a wide range of industries. Augmented and Virtual reality laboratory is a powerful learning and exploration tool.


  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Engineering Colleges
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • and more….


  • XR based product sales and demonstration
  • Real view practical education
  • Advanced learning resources
  • Surgical Planning and Telemedicine
  • and more….


  • Highly interactive and real-time demonstration
  • Immersive Learning experience
  • High precision design concepts
  • Access to larger database of lessons
  • many more…

What we offer

  • Head Mount Devices (OSR)
  • Head Mount Devices 
  • Virtual books

  • Holographic Projectors
  • 24*7 Support
  • Design and Simulation

  • Unlimited access to quality content
  • Real-time development support
  • API development


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